Changelog 0.9 (work in progress)

  • fixed UV mapping glitch in pit lane
  • fixed wall collider in pit lane
  • improved shader settings for road and curbs
  • improved shader settings for water
  • improved shader settings for fences
  • improved shader settings for white lines
  • improved visibility of grid position markers
  • improved curb textures
  • improved environment texture
  • improved road texture
  • improved look of grass
  • improved look of tires (barriers)
  • improved look of guardrails
  • improved look of surrounding landscape
  • improved look of gravel/ pebbles at the shores
  • improved safety fences for marshalls
  • replaced small direction signs in corners with larger ones
  • added checkerboard as start/finish line
  • added ad boards & improved placement
  • added cones to help with brake points
  • added paint marks for sector ends
  • added supporting posts for fences where still missing
  • added some impact marks on walls
  • added tarmac patches in T1 and T9
  • added new tarmac before T6
  • added speed bumps in run-off areas @ T3, T6 & T7
  • added bridge joints (visual & physical)
  • added marshalls (marshall model by Rigel)
  • added sheds for marshalls
  • added trash cans around the track
  • added portable toilets around the track
  • added loudspeakers at the grand stand
  • added plants to the dirt on land-extensions
  • added bushes all around the track
  • added gravel around some of the shores

Future Plans

Planned for 0.9 (the "make it prettier" update)

  • put grass on the fields on the mainland
  • add forest ground before T6
  • add fans
  • AI: fix occasional crashes at bridge 2
  • set up bushes pop-in & pop-out

Planned for 1.0 (the pit area update)

  • make square loudspeakers for the pit lane (save polys)
  • add tents
  • add trucks
  • add cars
  • add storage building near the pit area
  • add flag pole(s) in pit area
  • add food stands
  • add crew stands in the pit lane
  • add further details to the pit lane
  • improve pit building's look
  • add pit lane grooves
  • add reverb zones