Track Info


Sveg Raceway is a virtual race track for Assetto Corsa. Situated in the heart of Sweden and close to the small town of Sveg, it extends over the lake Svegssjön as one of its most characteristic features. The lake and the surrounding hills, thick forests, and open fields make for a great atmosphere in the most idyllic Swedish landscape. For one of the two passes over the lake, it uses the 505, a long uphill straight connecting the small village of Herrö to the Härjulfs väg. While these two roads and the 505's bridge were widened for motor racing, the rest of the track was built from scratch. From a driver's point of view, Sveg Raceway is characterized by its long straights, sweeping high-speed turns, and medium-speed 90 degree turns. The flowing layout is challenging and fun at the same time, provides plenty of overtaking opportunities, and manages to feel appropriate for road and race cars of any class. The pit lane can comfortably host up to 14 teams, and features enough space for races of up to 32 cars.

  • track type: circuit, fantasy layout in a real environment
  • turns: 14
  • length: 8105m (racing line)
  • minimum width: 10m
  • height difference (highest vs. lowest point): 22m
  • layouts: standard, competition (altered white lines, stricter track limits)
  • construction start: 2014
  • first release: 0.8 (Dec 23, 2017)
  • current version: 1.2 (June 18, 2019)


  • 32 pit boxes
  • realistic bumps and waves in physical mesh
  • AI line
  • two TV camera sets
  • groove & skid marks
  • 3d grass
  • good frame rates (about 20% below Kunos tracks on highest setting)

The Team

  • layout & track: Leon Sütfeld
  • groove: LilSki
  • replay cameras: Leonardo Ratafiá (mostly), Leon Sütfeld (minor tweaks)
  • behind the scenes help (blender, engine): LilSki, xtremepsionic
  • beta testers: Nick Moxley, katikomer, Leonardo Ratafiá, aphidgod, AccAkut, RasmusP


Photos (version 1.2)

Photos (version 1.1)

Photos (version 1.0)

Photos (version 0.8)